General Precautions for Personal Safety

It is always better to be safe than sorry. You can reduce crime and discourage burglars by keeping safe and taking the necessary precautions. This information does not only reach out to people in the major cities but also to those in small towns and rural areas. Everyone has a fear of being a victim of a crime. Here are some general precautions for personal safety.

While Walking

Walking is an outdoor activity that is fun and also hazardous. Always avoid shortcuts as most shortcuts have allies and are deserted. These places provide a safe hideout for thieves and burglars. Ensure that you walk in well-lighted areas and commonly used roads as in these regions you are sure that in the case of a crime there are people who will help you out. People tend to be generous hence providing you with a lift. Always avoid lifts and rides from strangers as some may be kidnappers.

Keep watch of your surroundings. In the case of any suspicious persons or things as your instincts are always true. In such a case if you are alone on a path, walk confidently towards an open street and be sure you will be safe.

At Home

Most people think home is the safest place. You can make it safe by taking the necessary precautions. When arriving at home in the wee hours, always ensure that your garage is opened before you switch off your headlights. If you are using a taxi, ask the driver to wait for you to get in before he or she goes. However, before you exit the car ensure you have the keys to your door in hand.

Once you are inside the house and you notice strange noises avoid entering going any further. You should go to your neighbor’s house and alert the police immediately. When expecting visitors ensure when they come they give a definite identification. Never allow people into your home without identifying themselves.

If you have a home security system make sure you know how to use it. A recent study has shown just how powerful of a deterrent an alarm system can be. If you don’t have a home alarm system please check out the reviews at

If You are Attacked

In the case of an attack, try to negotiate and be assertive with the robbers. Take some time and when they are distracted run towards an open place and hide.

If that does not work shout for help and attract attention from people nearby. The thugs will automatically run to avoid being caught.

Some attackers are too daring to use weapons. In such a case the best thing is keeping calm and prevent the rule of self-defense.

Once you are out of the incident successfully ensure to notify the police and the suspect will be arrested after giving the facts of the incident


Anywhere you go ensure you are safe and use the general safety precaution rules to stay safe.